QUENTIN COLLIER q.g.collier at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 13 08:03:11 PDT 2010

 Hi fellow contesters....
I am e-mailing out to all groups who have either participated in  National Field Day, or registered to do so in the past couple of years 
- and also to the UK CONTESTexploder (so apologies to those of you  who get this via multiple routes).
The first weekend in June (5-6 June this year) is creeping up on us, and I'd like to remind you that the closing date for registration is 16th May. Registration is 
no longer mandatory (so it's quite in order to make a last minute  decision to come on for the contest), but entrants who do not register 
will not be eligible for awards - so it's better to register if you  possibly can. Full details can be found at the following URL:
    However, as a reminder, information to be provided is as follows:
  * name of group
  * callsign to be used
  * section to be entered (Open / Restricted / Low Power)
  * National Grid Reference of site
  * suficient information to allow an inspector to gain access to the site
  * name and address of member responsible for entry.
I shall be acknowledging all registrations, but these will be handled manually so please be patient ! 

Quin G3WRR
NFD Adjudicator

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