[UK-CONTEST] 70cm AC Tuesday 14th April

Roger Thawley Roger at G0BSU.net
Wed Apr 14 04:43:26 PDT 2010

Seeing that no one else has started a thread about this.I thought I would - 


Operating as M0GMG/P from IO83 - As usual, we (not the royal 'we' - there
were two of us) started out beaming at GM (Didn't hear you GM8OEG), quickly
turning up GM4JR, who was much stronger than usual - I'm hopeful that his
was, at least in part, due to replacing the 9 element Yagi with a 22 element
LFA.and replacement of a 40M length of RG213 with a 25M length of W103 -
time will tell.


Conditions favoured the North, with contacts to the South notably down on
normal - nothing heard from JO00, 01 or 02.

Pleasingly contacts were made with IO76, 86 and multiple contacts with IO84,
which are rare indeed - thanks folks!


Next outing is 6M.


Roger, G0BSU

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