[UK-CONTEST] Phonetics

tom wylie thomaswylie at sky.com
Wed Apr 14 06:16:12 PDT 2010

Many DX and local stations seem to have great difficulty in 
differentiating between ALPHA and DELTA

Signed Tom

GM4FAM   sorry I mean GM4FDM

Regwoolley at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 14/04/2010 12:00:48 GMT Daylight Time,  
> cris at gm4fam.plus.com writes:
> The  great thing is to at least try another language and never be afraid to
> do  so - its one of the few buzzes I get out of using SSB.
> Of course its  great to be corrected on any mispronunciation, just as it is
> to receive any  (rare) compliments ):
> 73 Cris
> I did live in Germany for 7 years!
> Germany eight Victoria Honolulu Italy . Delta Alpha Four Radio Germany! 
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