[UK-CONTEST] FW: Last night's HFCC contest

Andy P Hewitt andyphewitt at btopenworld.com
Thu Apr 15 01:57:39 PDT 2010



Good Morning,


Last night I took part in the SSB contest and decided to look for a
frequency towards the top of the band, I normally hang out just below 3650.
I chose 3762 which was clear at 18:30Z and worked very well for me with the
highest rate I have had in these contests since they started. That was until
19:50Z when all hell was let loose!


"THEY" started DQRM. It started with one station calling CONFLICT right on
top of me then another joined in the sport calling CORNFLAKES, then I had
recordings of another contest stn cqing played back on top of me, then
someone swishing a carrier to and fro, then a couple of guys whistling.
Then, thank goodness (!). HELP in the form of the pile-up police arrived,
hot on the scene from a pile-up on 40m and saying "stop that whistling, stop
that whistling, it's having no effect, the skip is too long" it was a
recording and being repeated continuously, and all of this was happening
simultaneously. I was forced to give up the frequency at 20:10 but my rate
by then had slowed to less than 1 a minute and only with the strongest stns.
Soon after it started I checked the rules and 3762 is definitely OK as far
as RSGB rules are concerned. Oh! I forgot, there was also another guy
insisting "no contests in this band". It was hell but at least somebody was
having a great evening.


I have heard other complaining of this kind of behaviour but I have never
experienced it myself. From the accents and language they were speaking they
were PA and DL stations. Strange as I also worked a good number of PAs
joining in the contest.


Next time I'll be lower down the band. 


Andy G3SVD



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