[UK-CONTEST] 80M CC - The Freq WILL be in use!

Steve GW4BLE steve.gw4ble at btconnect.com
Thu Apr 15 02:57:58 PDT 2010


Approx 7.45 local yesterday evening, whilst in QSO with a M3 station, got
jumped on by someone proclaiming 'the frequency is in use, QSY', when asked
for a callsign there was silence, followed by another 'the frequency is in
use'; finally, after asking yet again for a callsign the offending station
relented - gave his call  - and then proceeded to say the frequency wasn't
in use yet, but would be at 8pm for his local net!

This was at 7.50.... 

both I and the M3 were running just 10 watts...


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