Thomas Cannon tom.g0vqr at ntlworld.com
Wed Apr 21 13:14:23 PDT 2010

I was approached by one of the members at are Radio club the other night who has just started to go into the Club Championship contests. He has never been in Amateur Radio contests before so was not sure of the QSO format. He also is learning Morse Code and was keen to try it out in the contest.
I explained the use of cut numbers in contest N - 9 and T - 0 and the contest QSO format. which he was fine with.
The problem he had this month in the CW  leg was that only 1 station out of the handful he worked slowed down so he could understand them. I have been trying so hard this year to get members to take part in the Club Championships especially the members that are not contesters and the ones learning Morse Code.
His comment to me was:" I am not sure I will do that again, only one person would slow down". If we want newcomers to take part in these contest we must slow down to their speed. I have convinced him to give it another try, so please if you are sent Morse very slowly, please send it back slowly to the other station.

Also congratulations to some of the QRP stations in the Club Championships. There were some big scoring logs and I wish I had a station as good as theirs! I think the antenna must be the most important part of the station. I use a full size G5RV at about 30 feet and when the weather permits I use a 40 metre verticle on a Helikite with 16 - 20 Metre ground radials. If anyone has any better ideas for an antenna on 80 Metres I would love to hear about it.

Work you in a contest soon



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