[UK-CONTEST] QRM on the PSK freq

Andy Swiffin a.l.swiffin at dundee.ac.uk
Fri Apr 23 01:32:00 PDT 2010

>>> On 23/04/2010 at 09:08, in message <4BD15598.7040605 at tilgate.co.uk>, Peter
Hobbs <peter at tilgate.co.uk> wrote:

>>   I had a disastrous night last nigh in the Data section.  Try as I did, and 
> I spent twenty minutes trying, I made just one PSK contact and
>>that took 4 minutes!  

Well I tried to get N1MM going in PSK on the very ancient shack PC but it kept locking up,  the waterfall would suddenly speed up and fill with noise and that would be it.   So I stuck to AFSK and spent the whole contest running on 3602 or so (I have to subtract the PSK shift from my rig freq), but it seemed a very lean time - was I very weak in England or something?   I made about 40odd QSOs with big gaps, everyone who called me was strong but I know there should have been loads more QSOs?

And what was the station playing music just a bit HF of me?  

I'd be interested to hear how I was down in G,  was it a bad choice of frequency?  Lots of QRM that I couldn't hear, or am I just very weak for some reason (still on a temporary aerial and earth system)


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