[UK-CONTEST] QRM on the PSK freq

DAVID BUTLER g4asr at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 24 04:02:22 PDT 2010

Nigel G0VDZ said.....
I was wondering what programmes people use in the data contest.
 In have tried several but to no avail. Last time I used mixw for rtty and 
digipan for psk then had to write up the log later as the psk was a hand 
written log and manually typed sending. Also I cannot get the Mixw to write 
a cabbrillo log.
 Can anyone recommend a decent rtty/psk contest  programme.
I think this is why a lot of people hate this side of the contest especially 
the psk bit.

David G4ASR replied.....
Well I'm a data luddite and only started using datamodes two CC sessions ago.
I use MMVARI for both psk31 & rtty and now I've got the macros sorted it is a doddle.
I've set it up to automatically record the QSO after sending the final 'TU' and it also
produces a Cabrillo log.  It's dead easy.  

G3SWC wrote an article in the Horsham ARC newsletter showing how to set up MMVARI 
for the 80M CC.  Thank you Horsham. Download it now before it get taken off the air!


In this weeks session I made 40 psk and 38 rtty QSOs at my third attempt at any form
 of datamode contesting. Perhaps I'm not a luddite anymore.

btw I didn't hear any QRM on the psk frequencies and easily found an rtty frequency 
when I moved frequency. I'm by the Black Mountains in Herefordshire. 

73 David G4ASR 

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