[UK-CONTEST] Software for Data Contests

Steve Wilson, G3VMW steve at g3vmw.demon.co.uk
Sat Apr 24 11:46:11 PDT 2010

Nigel Newby nubsey at ntlworld.com wrote:

 >I was wondering what programmes people use in the data contest.
 >In have tried several but to no avail. Last time I used mixw for rtty 
 >and  digipan for psk then had to write up the log later as the psk was 
 >a hand  written log and manually typed sending. Also I cannot get the 
 >Mixw to write  a cabbrillo log.
 >Can anyone recommend a decent rtty/psk contest  programme.
 >I think this is why a lot of people hate this side of the contest 
 >especially the psk bit.
 >Nigel G0VDZ


I use MixW 2.19 for both RTTY and PSK31 with a contest macro for the 80m 
CC events. The macro grabs the incoming serial number and a mouse click 
puts the callsign into the correct logging callsign field. I have Run 
and S&P options as well as a "Please Repeat" button.

It works pretty well for me, but others will have their favourite 
programs of course. However, as you know, in MixW it is easy to switch 
from RTTY to PSK31 and the waterfall display is very easy to use.

MixW definitely will export a Cabrillo log:

1. Click the button under the log that has a pair of spectacles 

2. Then click on "Whole Log".

3. Highlight the bit of the log you want to export as Cabrillo with the 
mouse pointer.

4. Export under the file name you want, e.g. G0VDZ.CBR and the file will 
be found in the Program Files/MixW directory.

One slight problem is that all QSOs in the Cabrillo file are marked "RY" 
so I use a different method:

1. Click the "spectacles button" as above and highlight the bit of log 
you want to export exactly as before.

2. This time, export as an ADIF log, e.g. G0VDZ.ADI into the Program 
Files/MixW directory as before.

Go to the SP7DQR web page:


Download ADIF2CBR.EXE, which converts ADIF to CBR then load your 
G0VDZ.ADI file into that program.

The resulting Cabrillo file has RTTY and PSK31 QSOs properly identified 
and can be submitted directly to the RSGB HFCC robot.

The advantage of this method is that you can import the ADIF file 
straight into your computer logger after the contest.



Steve Wilson, G3VMW
Bramham, Wetherby, West Yorkshire

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