[UK-CONTEST] DF3CB Fast Log Entry Program problem?

Alex GM3ZBE alex at gm3zbe.plus.com
Mon Apr 26 04:12:56 PDT 2010

As you were!

I've just solved it, you have to enter the date as 26-04-2010 not 
26/04/2010, despite the fact that one of the sample files shows the date 
as using the  "/" character!

Alex GM3ZBE wrote:
> Hi
> I sometimes use the DF3CB FLE program to enter contest logs 
> retrospectively for our local club.
> I've run into a problem in that no matter which year I type in it 
> appears as 2020 in the file and the display grid.
> There is a warning on the DF3CB site that Version 1.1 should be 
> downloaded as there was a problem with dates being wrong if the entered 
> date was after the beginning of 2010.
> However I am finding that using V1.1 it doesn't matter which date I 
> enter, before or after 2010 it still comes out as 2020.
> Anyone else experienced the problem?
> 73
> Alex

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