[UK-CONTEST] Re 80m CC's PSK etc

Phil Cooper pcooper at guernsey.net
Tue Apr 27 11:20:56 PDT 2010

Hi all,

Well, there have been some excellent comments on this subject.

Although I gave up doing the 80m CC's, I do think PSK31 should be dropped
from the data leg, and let the concentration go on RTTY.
As has been said, PSK is NOT a contest mode, and far too many folk just
don't understand how to control power out, or even the simple fact that all
capital letters is NOT the right way to go!

Yes, PSK63 and PSK125 are faster, but at the sacrifice of power and
bandwidth. For each speed-up, you need twice the power and twice the
bandwidth to get the same result. This starts to reduce the efficacy of the
CQ'ing at the higher rates also tends to make folk double the length of
their CQ call just to allow folk to tune the signal properly, whether this
be by turning the dial, or point and click.
A short-ish CQ in PSK63 is over so quickly that is not so easy to click on
the signal before it has stopped. In PSK125 it is so quick that you end up
waiting for him to call again, just so you can try and get closer.

My personal take on it was that the RSGB opted to include PSK simply to
encourage more usage in the datamode leg and by a wider audience. I think
that was achieved after the first year!

If you want higher data rates, why not think about 75Baud RTTY?

Lee G0MTN mentioned the fact that the bandwidth had been extended up to
3600. My experience is that whenever there is a RTTY contest on, French
stations start using SSB well below 3600 before dark just to scupper this!
They aren't there every weekend, but wait for a RTTY contest, and Voila!

It is about time the RSGB overhauled the whole CC contest, as small clubs
with few members simply don't stand a chance against the likes of de
Montfort. Maybe it is about time to limit power even further? Anything that
could reduce the overcrowding of the band in any of the legs! There is also
a handicap for those of us well in the south, or the north, of the country
Although the CC's were originall designed to generate interest amongst those
club members that were not really into contesting, I feel it has been taken
over by those that are considered serious contesters with serious stations.

At least it has achieved one thing! And that is a greater participation of
G's in the major RTTY contests, and that can only be for the greater good.
When the CC's first started, major RTTY contests only attracted a handful of
G's at most, quite often just one or two, but now, there are upwards of a 20
quite regularly.

Just my two pennorth..........

73 all


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