[UK-CONTEST] RSGB contests

Ian Maude ian at gb7mbc.net
Wed Apr 28 02:48:15 PDT 2010

Hi all,
The recent posts regarding PSK vs RTTY etc have re-ignited one of my long
held beliefs that we create an anti-contest feeling by operating in
preferred mode segments.  For example, in the SSTV segment of 80m in the
club calls.  This causes much anger and anti-contest feeling.
Is it about time that the RSGB took this seriously and protected these
segments by simply removing them from the contest frequencies that are
allowed?  Obviously if it is a SSB contest, we will be operating in the SSB
section of the band but is it right to transmit in the SSTV segment?  Just
because other modes are used by few people should not be an excuse to
obliterate their area of operation!
The only way we can improve non-contesters opinions of the contesting
community is for the contest organisers to remove those portions of the
bands that would cause issues from the contest.  Any contacts made in these
sections would not count towards the total scored and people simply would
not operate there.

73 Ian

Ian J Maude, G0VGS
SysOp GB7MBC & HB9DRV-9 DX Clusters
Member RSGB, GQRP 9838, FISTS 14077 | K3 #455

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