[UK-CONTEST] RSGB contests

Ian Maude ian at gb7mbc.net
Wed Apr 28 23:12:20 PDT 2010

For the record, I cannot stand SSTV, I see absolutely no point in the mode
at all! :)  However, judging by the emails I have received personally, it is
obvious that nothing is going to be done about this so I expect to see more
and more moans and invective against contesters on forums etc.  I thought we
were trying to encourage contesting?
However, it seems that I am (almost) on my own so I will contribute no
further to this debate.  Judging by the amount of responses from different
posters, it is obviously pointless to continue.

73 Ian

Ian J Maude, G0VGS
SysOp GB7MBC & HB9DRV-9 DX Clusters
Member RSGB, GQRP 9838, FISTS 14077 | K3 #455

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