[UK-CONTEST] RSGB contests

Chris G3SJJ g3sjj at btinternet.com
Thu Apr 29 01:48:55 PDT 2010

Ian, you seem to suggest the only way to resolve the situation is for 
contest sponsors to take unilateral action.

Deliberate QRM by those who feel aggrieved is not the answer but 
discussion and negotation could be. Instead of DQRMing why don't the 
aggrieved groups contact their national societies and enagage the 
Contest Committees in discussion?

I know from personal experience of 15 years on the HF Contests Committee 
that the RSGB has over the years been very sensitive to issues such as 
DX windows. In fact in recent recent years I felt it necessary to raise 
the issue of scrapping a non-contest zone which was not serving any 
purpose but having a negative effect on the UK contesting. In the RSGB 
1.8MHz we were limited to a lower edge of 1820, instead of 1810. The CW 
segment has already been narrowed in recent years by the somewhat 
puzzling appearance of SSB around 1840. I was pleased to see that we are 
now allowed to go down to 1810. I don't think 2 x 4 hour sessions during 
a year are going to cause a problem!

We currently have a great wealth of experienced negotiators, such as 
G3BJ, G3XXT, G4BUO, GW3SQX who I am sure would be most willing to sit 
round a table and discuss the issues.

What's the problem with this approach?

Chris G3SJJ

Ian Maude wrote:
> For the record, I cannot stand SSTV, I see absolutely no point in the mode
> at all! :)  However, judging by the emails I have received personally, it is
> obvious that nothing is going to be done about this so I expect to see more
> and more moans and invective against contesters on forums etc.  I thought we
> were trying to encourage contesting?
> However, it seems that I am (almost) on my own so I will contribute no
> further to this debate.  Judging by the amount of responses from different
> posters, it is obviously pointless to continue.
> 73 Ian

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