[UK-CONTEST] RSGB contests

Alex GM3ZBE alex at gm3zbe.plus.com
Thu Apr 29 02:04:19 PDT 2010

Exactly Chris, that is the proper way to resolve it, indulging in 
deliberate QRM is just escalating the problem.
Alex, GM3ZBE

Chris G3SJJ wrote:
> Ian, you seem to suggest the only way to resolve the situation is for 
> contest sponsors to take unilateral action.
> Deliberate QRM by those who feel aggrieved is not the answer but 
> discussion and negotation could be. Instead of DQRMing why don't the 
> aggrieved groups contact their national societies and enagage the 
> Contest Committees in discussion?
> I know from personal experience of 15 years on the HF Contests Committee 
> that the RSGB has over the years been very sensitive to issues such as 
> DX windows. In fact in recent recent years I felt it necessary to raise 
> the issue of scrapping a non-contest zone which was not serving any 
> purpose but having a negative effect on the UK contesting. In the RSGB 
> 1.8MHz we were limited to a lower edge of 1820, instead of 1810. The CW 
> segment has already been narrowed in recent years by the somewhat 
> puzzling appearance of SSB around 1840. I was pleased to see that we are 
> now allowed to go down to 1810. I don't think 2 x 4 hour sessions during 
> a year are going to cause a problem!
> We currently have a great wealth of experienced negotiators, such as 
> G3BJ, G3XXT, G4BUO, GW3SQX who I am sure would be most willing to sit 
> round a table and discuss the issues.
> What's the problem with this approach?
> Chris G3SJJ

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