[UK-CONTEST] UK-Contest Digest, Vol 88, Issue 45 Re 80m CC's PSK etc

Christopher Soames semaos at semaos.plus.com
Wed Apr 28 23:37:13 PDT 2010

On 28/04/2010 20:00, uk-contest-request at contesting.com wrote:
> Re 80m CC's PSK etc

Surely the whole idea is to get club members taking part in a club 
If you only have 5 members then only 5 members can enter on your behalf, 
if you have 250 members then the obvious applies.
However members are still competing which means they are using the 
bands, which I assume is part of the exercise.
The problem from my eyes and yes I will raise it again is what is a 
club? How does the RSGB recognise a club?
What is a contest group? and how can a contest group enter a club 

Lets face it a dedicated contest group residing all over the UK or even 
Europe is surely not in the spirit of a Club Championship.
I know this has been mentioned more than once but I assume nothing 
happens because the contest committee members are probably members of a 
contest group trying its hardest from all over the UK and/or Europe to 
win a CLUB Championship.

I could be wrong!!!

Ok all you experts put me right where you feel you need to. Perhaps I am 
being a Bigot??

Regards from

Chris Soames
email :-
semaos at semaos.plus.com

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