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You raise a problem which concerns me as Chairman of the "Newbury & Dist
ARS". We have around 80 members of which only around 15 or so take part in
the HFCC contests. Those 15 or so are relatively keen contesters, but we are
all concentrated generally within 30 miles or so of Newbury in central
southern England. We are a genuine club, meeting regularly once a month in a
local hostelry and with regular club nets and other get togethers. 

Over the 7 months of the HFCC contests propagation conditions vary
considerably and this favours groups with participants spread across the
country, and maybe, even outside the UK. We do very well and, I think, we
have always been in the top three of the contest, but always a bridesmaid
never a bride. Try as we might we stand almost no chance of getting the top
slot. We have members who, from time to time, come top in the individual
events, and they find it frustrating that we cannot win the annual event as
a club.
Andy G3SVD

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> Re 80m CC's PSK etc

Surely the whole idea is to get club members taking part in a club 
If you only have 5 members then only 5 members can enter on your behalf, 
if you have 250 members then the obvious applies.
However members are still competing which means they are using the 
bands, which I assume is part of the exercise.
The problem from my eyes and yes I will raise it again is what is a 
club? How does the RSGB recognise a club?
What is a contest group? and how can a contest group enter a club 

Lets face it a dedicated contest group residing all over the UK or even 
Europe is surely not in the spirit of a Club Championship.
I know this has been mentioned more than once but I assume nothing 
happens because the contest committee members are probably members of a 
contest group trying its hardest from all over the UK and/or Europe to 
win a CLUB Championship.

I could be wrong!!!

Ok all you experts put me right where you feel you need to. Perhaps I am 
being a Bigot??

Regards from

Chris Soames
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semaos at semaos.plus.com

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