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Thu Apr 29 04:41:27 PDT 2010

Anyone noticed the calendar in the excellent Sport Radio feature in this
month's RadCom?

Yep, the EU PSK DX contest is scheduled for May 22-23 ):

73 Cris

herethis >
> Almost but not entirely alone Ian, hang in there; lambs may not expect
> much sympathy amongst a pack of wolves.
> SSTV is, I agree, an appalling wide band mode which should imo be
> proscribed, but that fact of the matter is that it is not.
> SSTVers are territorial and proprietorial zealots, and SSB contesters
> can be predatory piranhas. So what? Frankly they deserve each other, let
> them fight it out around 3730, 14230 or whatever other frequencies they
> inhabit. No need for regulation, negotiation or any other bureaucratic
> provision. A winner will emerge.
> However that wasn't the point of the original thread. That was about an
> RSGB contest muddying the calm waters of the PSK lagoon inhabited by fry
> who  do imo deserve some protection. There is neither  need  nor
> justification for a PSK contest, it is a ludicrous proposition from
> which imo RSGB should withdraw and desist forthwith. I'll fight you
> anytime you want on CW or RTTY ( I don't do SSB), but if I ever meet you
> on PSK let's just hang out OK?
> 73
> Clive
> On 29/04/2010 06:12, Ian Maude wrote:
>> For the record, I cannot stand SSTV, I see absolutely no point in the
>> mode
>> at all! :)  However, judging by the emails I have received personally,
>> it is
>> obvious that nothing is going to be done about this so I expect to see
>> more
>> and more moans and invective against contesters on forums etc.  I
>> thought we
>> were trying to encourage contesting?
>> However, it seems that I am (almost) on my own so I will contribute no
>> further to this debate.  Judging by the amount of responses from
>> different
>> posters, it is obviously pointless to continue.
>> 73 Ian
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