[UK-CONTEST] Short calls & the buro

Eddie G0EHV g0ehv at btinternet.com
Thu Apr 29 12:41:55 PDT 2010

In the dim and distant past I was keen on square chasing and often the only 
way to get a rare one confirmed was from a contest station.
Now I'm a bit longer in tooth I'm not a chaser anymore, but happy to QSL 
anyone who needs one.


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> people WANT Contest cards???   Every year after Field Day
> I get a single Card from DK0EE for EVERY band.   Contest cards totally
> clog up the Buro system.  I'd venture to suggest about 95% are unwanted
> and only serve to make the printers happy!!!    With LOTW and E-QSL 99%
> of cards are now just pulp material.....
> :-)    Tom

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