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I'm not sure that we really generate that much paper in the bigger scheme of 

Better to ban all newspapers and insist that everyone gets their news 

I like QSL cards. They are (or can be) very personal and enjoyable to 
receive and collect. Long may they remain

73, Rob

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> No, No, No, No - No.
> Most contest QSL cards are generated by computer and many of the larger
> contest station appear to generate a QSL file direct from the ADIF File
> after the contest and pack the buro with their cards.   Every year after
> the CQWW Contest the buro is saturated with European cards that in
> reality very few people actually want or need.   By all means if you
> NEED a card ask for one, send for one, but don't just as a matter of
> course send/expect a QSL Card.    QSL cards are a throwback to the early
> days of radio when in order to confirm a QSL has taken place you
> exchanged a letter or later a card confirming the details.
> Newcomers to the hobby can now afford a decent radio, amplifier, antenna
> etc buit even with 100 watts it is a straight forward every day
> occurrence to work German, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Russia - we
> dont need to confirm the QSO has taken place with a piece of paper.
> If you feel you need some form of confirmation - take up RTTY and print
> out each and every QSO you make, then you will have a form of written
> confirmation that a QAO took place.
> Now it seems you can even send your ADIF file to a guy in Israel who
> will print out and send all your buro cards for you..... in a block
> printing!!!
> I am also baffled by the fact that I receive cards via the buro, then
> when I reply to them, they are returned to me because the OTHER station
> is not a member of the buro - how did I receive the cards in the first
> place??
> QSL Cards are little more than waste paper and we should be more
> concerned with saving resources on our planet than printing glossy
> pieces of card that nobody wants.....
> Save our rain forest - stop QSLing.   With LOTW and E-QSL - who needs it??
> Tom
> Paul_group wrote:
>> On 29/04/2010 20:20, CHRIS COLCLOUGH wrote:
>>> This is another of the usual "I don't need the card so bin it attitude" 
>>> that most contesters have.
>> I agree entirely Chris, the very fact that someone sends you a card most
>> likely indicates that they probably rather like them and would want one
>> back.
>> The most common ones that I get from HF contests are from rtty contests
>> where often my card overlaps with theirs in the buro... I often get some
>> marked 2nd card PSE QSL! - so I suspect that person is fairly keen.
>> Perhaps contests should be limited to ONLY those people who take them
>> seriously and only propper contest modes .... casual operators, qsl
>> collectors and dx'ers should keep away, preferably move away from our
>> segement altogether then we can keep our high rates up... hello hello...
>> is there anyone still there ... cq test cq test.....
>> I am grateful for ANY qso during a contest and if that costs me a bit of
>> cardboard then so be it.
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> That my get up and go - has got up and went
> But I really dont mind when I think with a grin
> of all the great places my "get up" has been!
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