[UK-CONTEST] [CDXC] Re: Short calls & the buro

Dave H davekh at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 04:05:49 PDT 2010

I agree - I really like the trickle of QSL cards that arrive - usually
following some contest or other operating.

I'm slowly working through hand writing LOTS of cards - after wasting lots
of time arguing with software, my pc various bits of software and my
printer. Hand writing the cards reminds me of some of the conversations and
operators I've not worked in a while - I see them as a yet another option in
this mature(d?) and wide ranging hobby. A hobby which people can inhabit
parts that many others don't even get the point (its a hobby - who needs a
'point' :-). Live and let live I say, it will die in time if its failing.

I use LOTW sometimes but I find eQSL the most immediate and useful -
certainly as a record, as evidence if you wish (I do still also keep a paper
log). I wish they'de be more responsive to awards/competitions to bring
people in and let them grow in that part of the hobby. As a personal
comunication - a card that was created/chosen by - are at least some input
in the design is interesting to see the views and context from someone who I
may only have seen or heard a small amount infomation from. I have found
that some people send cards for what feels like every QSO - a bit of a
waste, yes, if they're all the same, I do like to see what K3LR's card for
this year is though. ( it is K3LR? .. sorry I may have that wrong as I'm at

If everyone who didn't understand or like minorities sections of this hobby
forced that part to halt then it would be a much smaller hobby which
probably wouldn't have the depth or strength to carry on as long as it has.

Dave H G0CER

On 30 April 2010 11:35, Rob - G4LMW <g4lmw at btconnect.com> wrote:

> I'm not sure that we really generate that much paper in the bigger scheme
> of
> things.
> Better to ban all newspapers and insist that everyone gets their news
> online?
73s Dave H
(also G6VSG)

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