[VHFcontesting] VHF/UHF Contest Rover Questions??

Mark imok1 at mc.net
Fri Dec 21 17:14:19 EST 2001

I have already contacted some of you direct, however I am interested in
hearing from those of you who have had Rover experience in the VHF/UHF

We are contemplating a Rover effort for Jan VHF/UHF and would like to
know what to expect. We will be running 6/2/1.25/432 and working on
902/1296. We are thinking about EN54,64,63,53,62,52,61,51,50, and 60.
Anyone had any success with these grids? any grids to avoid? better
grids than what is on the list?

Also, we are looking for common pitfalls which are made so we can
try to avoid them the first time. nothing like ruining a rover effort
because we
forgot coax or some other type of necessity.

If any of you are willing to give opinions and advice....I hope I know
what I'm asking for ;)... I would
be very appreciative

Thanks & Happy Holidays!

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