[VHFcontesting] VHF/UHF Contest Rover Questions??

Joe Crawford crawfish at surfmore.net
Tue Dec 25 22:29:43 EST 2001

Mark, the best start is looking at Dan Evans(N9RLA) Rover web site. He has
lots of info. I will be looking for you in several of those grids.
                                                         Joe W4AAB
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Subject: [VHFcontesting] VHF/UHF Contest Rover Questions??

> I have already contacted some of you direct, however I am interested in
> hearing from those of you who have had Rover experience in the VHF/UHF
> contests....
> We are contemplating a Rover effort for Jan VHF/UHF and would like to
> know what to expect. We will be running 6/2/1.25/432 and working on
> 902/1296. We are thinking about EN54,64,63,53,62,52,61,51,50, and 60.
> Anyone had any success with these grids? any grids to avoid? better
> grids than what is on the list?
> Also, we are looking for common pitfalls which are made so we can
> try to avoid them the first time. nothing like ruining a rover effort
> because we
> forgot coax or some other type of necessity.
> If any of you are willing to give opinions and advice....I hope I know
> what I'm asking for ;)... I would
> be very appreciative
> Thanks & Happy Holidays!
> Mark
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