[VHFcontesting] 2002 January VHF Sweepstakes and The Rover Resource Page

Dan Evans n9rla at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 30 23:32:47 EST 2001

Hello Folks,

Believe it or not, as a couple of folks have recently pointed out to me, the
January VHF Sweepstakes is rapidly approaching!  Hard to believe it's
already time for the January contest!

Anyway, I will once again be gathering contest plans and posting them on The
Rover Resource Page as a service to VHF contesters everywhere.  If you plan
to be on in the contest, even for a "casual" effort, send me an email and
I'll post your plans to help others find you.

Be sure in your email to include:

1)  The call you plan to use. This sounds obvious, but with multi's and
Rovers and clubs, it's often hard to tell.
2)  The grid, or grids, you plan to activate.
3)  The bands you plan to be active on.
4)  Your category. i.e. Multi op/Single op/Rover, etc...
5)  And any other station information you care to share with everyone
else:-)  Rigs, Antennas, power out, times you will be on, etc...

Send me what you can, as soon as you can, and I'll post the plans.  And be
sure to check out the plans posted on the web site for stations that will be
on in your area.

And by the way, if you haven't tried VHF contesting yet, I really encourage
you to give it a try.  VHF contesting has a whole different atmosphere than
HF contesting.  Sure, everyone still wants to make as many contacts and as
many points as possible, but most folks will spend whatever time is
necessary to make a contact with you on every band that they can.  VHF
contesting is just a lot more "laid back" than HF.  Try it, it's fun!

73, and good luck to all,

Dan Evans N9RLA
Scottsburg, IN 47170
1/2 of the N9RLA /R no budget Rover Team
Check out the Rover Resource Page at:

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