[VHFcontesting] Packrat Contest Package

Harry Brown harryhbrown at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 31 17:07:27 EST 2001

To all January VHF Sweepstakes Operators.

The Packrats January Contest Package is available for anyone that would 
like a copy. It is sililar to the one the Packrats used to send out via US 
mail years ago. It is now available via an e-mail attachment. The file is a 
167 KB PDF file.

It contains:

The Contest Clock showing activity hours during the contest in the eastern US.

Grid map of the Eastern US.

Beam headings from Eastern US and Canadian grids to and from the 
Philadelphia area including distance.

List of Packrats operating the contest including their 6 digit grids and 
the bands they will be operating.

DX list of stations with 4 digit grids and the bands they are hopefully 
operating. This list includes stations from South Florida swinging out to 
the Indiana area and up thru New England. We belive the list is accurate.

Info on Cabrillo log format required for computer generated logs submitted 
for this contest.

Those desiring a copy should send a reply to this message and I will send 
them out in batches.

Feel free to pass this offer on to anyone planning to operate.

73 and we'll see you during the contest.

Harry, W3IIT for the Packrats

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