[VHFcontesting] K7XC June Contest Site Survey, May 3rd - 5th 2002

Tim Marek timm at cccomm.net
Sun Apr 28 18:18:56 EDT 2002

Hi Gang...

Since the June contest has been pushed forward a week, my usual
Memorial Day site inspection tour has been moved forward to the
weekend of Friday May 3rd through Sunday May 5th.

Thursday May 2nd - I leave the radar site in DM09 around 3PM for
New Pass Peak and the mtns above Austin Summit, both in DM19,
staying the night in Austin NV.

Friday May 3rd - Early morning I'll be on Hwy 50 heading East to
Diamond Peak and Cave Mtn, both in DM29, Staying the night in
Ely NV.

Saturday May 4th - Now heading south on Hwy 93 to Mt Wilson
(near Peoche NV) in DM28 and Mt Ella (Near Caliente NV) in DM27,
Then west on Hwy 375 (The E.T. Hwy) to Rachael NV, home of the
UFO Museum at the "Little A-LE-Inn", where they serve some
pretty good grub. Connecting to Hwy 6 west and on to Tonopah NV
(DM18) where I'll stay the night.

Sunday May 5th -  After breakfast with my old friend Kris - KC7ICH,
I'll take some of the more obscure back roads to Gabbs, Berlin, Ione,
Middlegate, and finally arrive back home in Fallon NV sometime in the

I ordered a assembled new DEM 222 xvtr for my 706mkIIg. If it arrives
in time I'll try to have it operational for this trip. If not, I will have
6, 2,
and 432 available. I'll be activity CQing the calling channels and moving
up 10 Khz to run stations.

K7XC Rover station this trip will consist of the following...

50 Mhz - 706IIg, 100W, KQ Loop
144 Mhz - 706IIg, 170W, KQ Loop
432 Mhz - 706IIg, 110W, M2 Eggbeater

and if 222 arrives in time...

222 Mhz - 706IIg, DEM xvtr, 140W, KQ Loop

Success is the ability to recognize a dead horse.... And Promptly Bury It!

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