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Alan D. Bulley jackal at videotron.ca
Sat Aug 24 00:04:25 EDT 2002

I haven't seen anyone mention _Beyond Line of Sight: A History of VHF
Propagation from the Pages of QST_, edited by Emil Pocock W3EP (ARRL: 1992).
Relevant pages on antennas, feedlines and propagation in _The ARRL Handbook_
might also be useful.

Must your "bookshelf" contain only books? There are a lot of informative
websites that hams new to VHF could access quickly and cheaply. I'm thinking
of sites like the UK Six Metre Group's pages (http://www.uksmg.org/) or the
ARRL's Technical Information Pages (http://www.arrl.org/tis/tismenu.html),
as well as more general sites on propagation and some of the newer modes.

Any chance you'll send a copy of the list you compile to this discussion


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> As I prepared to write my monthly article for the local ham club
> newsletter - or more accurately trying to think up something to write
> about - I was looking for inspiration on my bookshelves.  This led me to
> following question:
> What book(s) do you consider required reading for hams new to VHF?
> I'll start with two fine RSGB publications, The VHF DX Book and The
> Handbook.
> Do you agree with me?  What are your suggestions?
> Don, NL7CO/EM04
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