[VHFcontesting] VHF mobile radio for SSB work

n3ra n3ra at zoominternet.net
Wed Jun 5 00:20:47 EDT 2002

Good evening everyone.

There have been a number of discussion recently comparing the FT-100D,
IC-706MKIIG and the FT-847 radio.  My interest is in finding a quality radio
that I can use mobile as well as when camping in our RV.  I want to use the
unit primarily for VHF SSB/CW work, but will also use it for some HF work as
well.    So, any comments on the qualities of these radios that would make
them good or bad choices for my application would be most appreciated.

I  do have a FT-736R (no Mutek mods) that has 6m, 2m and 440 that I can use
at home, but so sure that would be a good choice for the road.  Anyone have
any luck with the Mutek mods?  Are they worth it?.

As a last question, I would also be interested in hearing from folks on the
useability of loop antennas for this mobile/portable application.  When
camping, I could put a mast up that would allow stacking of loops on 6, 2
and 440.  I could also probably do a "small" Yagi's when camping, but loops
might be a better choice from a space perspective.

Thanks in advance for all your advice.

73, Scott, N3RA

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