[VHFcontesting] VHF mobile radio for SSB work

Dan Evans, N9RLA n9rla at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 5 10:36:23 EDT 2002

I can't comment on those particular radios, but I have had some experience
with portable antennas.

On 6 meters, the loops may be a necessary compromise.  The size of a 6 meter
yagi makes it difficult for portable ops.  One option you may look into is
the Moxon Rectangle for 6.  This is what I'm currently using.  It performs
on par with a 2 element yagi, but is considerably smaller.  You can find
tons of info on the Moxon at L.B. Cebik's web site   www.cebik.com

On 2 meters and above, It's been my experience that loops just don't cut it.
The performance advantage of even a small yagi is a big help.  On 2 meters I
used to use a little 4 element CushCraft yagi.  This is small enough to
rotate even when in motion and performs far and away better than the loops
I've tried.  My 432 antenna is an 11 element CushCraft which is also small
enough to handle easily.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much antenna do you need.  My opinions
are based on my experience Roving here in the Midwest where to make QSO's I
need to be able to reach 150 to 200 miles or more. If you don't need that
kind of range, the loops may work fine.

73 and have fun,
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> Good evening everyone.
> There have been a number of discussion recently comparing the FT-100D,
> IC-706MKIIG and the FT-847 radio.  My interest is in finding a quality
> that I can use mobile as well as when camping in our RV.  I want to use
> unit primarily for VHF SSB/CW work, but will also use it for some HF work
> well.    So, any comments on the qualities of these radios that would make
> them good or bad choices for my application would be most appreciated.
> I  do have a FT-736R (no Mutek mods) that has 6m, 2m and 440 that I can
> at home, but so sure that would be a good choice for the road.  Anyone
> any luck with the Mutek mods?  Are they worth it?.
> As a last question, I would also be interested in hearing from folks on
> useability of loop antennas for this mobile/portable application.  When
> camping, I could put a mast up that would allow stacking of loops on 6, 2
> and 440.  I could also probably do a "small" Yagi's when camping, but
> might be a better choice from a space perspective.
> Thanks in advance for all your advice.
> 73, Scott, N3RA
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