[VHFcontesting] Spark Plug Noise on F150

Rick Robinson k8dxn at charter.net
Sat Jun 29 20:19:33 EDT 2002

I am having a good bit of spark plug noise come in on my radio and I
would like to hear from those who have solved or reduced the intensity.
Here is what I have and what I have done.
95 Ford F150 with the 300ci straight six and manual tranny.
Icom 706MKIIG/with amps for 2&432
Par omnis for 6,2,&432 and an sgc230 and sgc303 whip bumper mtd.
LMR 400 cable.

I have cleaned the battery grounds and grounded the tailpipe with strap.
New Ford OEM plug wires and Autolite platinum plugs.
Better quality (copper inserts) cap and rotor button.
New radio suppression condensor at coil.

The plug noise is only present when the ant. is connected.
HF is worse than V/UHF. 
Opening or closing the hood makes little or no difference.

I would like to stop the noise at the source which essentially is the
plugs and/or the wires.
I would mainly like to hear from those with the same type vehicle or
motor who have 
addressed this problem before.
Spark plug testimonials.
Plug wire testimonials, Yes I have heard of Magnacor wires but have they
really worked on this 
motor? And with what plugs? A lot of money to experiment with on
Contrary to most beliefs the noise blanker in my 706 works well on my
spark plug noise
on most all bands, but I want the noise out before the blanker.
I welcome all advice and comments and I think this will be a good thread
for all of us 
to learn something from our collective experiences.

Many thanks to all, 73 and see you on the radio.  Rick  K8DXN

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