[VHFcontesting] Re: Adding another band

Robin Midgett robin.midgett at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Oct 2 17:36:56 EDT 2002

1. I would add either 222 or 1296, depending on activity and rarity of my 
own grid; either can be done for $500-600
2. I would add 222 & 1296, then 2.304 &10 GHz., then back fill with 3.456 
GHz. & 5.7 GHz. Money being no object, do the best possible job the first 
time around.

At 11:09 AM 10/2/2002 -0700, John Geiger wrote:
>I am interested in receiving comments on the following for my own 
>interest, as well as for a possible VHF club newsletter item.
>If you were currently active on the "Big 3" VHF/UHF bands (6, 2, 70cm) 
>running 100 watts on each band with moderate sized antennas-13 elements on 
>2 and 16 elements on 432, what band would you add next:
>1. If you were limited to $500-$600 for equipment and antennas
>2. If money and space were no object.
>Or, would you be better off using the money to improve your existing setup 
>and just staying on 6, 2 and 432?
>73s John NE0P

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