[VHFcontesting] World Above 50 MHz

Eugene Zimmerman ezimmerm at erols.com
Tue Oct 8 22:25:28 EDT 2002

As many of you already know, Emil Pocock W3EP has stepped down as conductor
of the World Above 50 MHz in QST after more than 10 years of dedicated
service and I am now the new conductor of that column.

I would hope that the users of these reflectors will continue to provide me
with the same excellent reports that you have provided Emil.  You can send
information to me at

w3zz at arrl.org

I will be gone for for about the next 10 days to have some surgery.  I will
report back when I am functional again.  In the meantime I would urge any
and all of you to send me reports of interesting propagation or other items
of interest.  October has already had some unusual things happen and I will
depend on you to tell me about what else is going on.

73  Gene  W3ZZ
World Above 50 MHz

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