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Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
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On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 06:28:08PM -0400, AMRADIOLOGBOOK at aol.com wrote:

> Now, if the contest writeups were done more by contesters ON THE VHF+ bands, it might add a lot more reality to the coverage.  I recall a rather lame UHF or 10 GHz contest write up that had more quotes from some HF contester in the write up! 

In 2001, the writeups for both the ARRL UHF Contest and the ARRL 10 GHz and
Up Contest were written by Dan Henderson N1ND, who runs the ARRL Contest 
Branch.  Dan has written the vast majority of contest writeups in QST, HF or
VHF, for several years now.

There are no direct quotes from anyone in the 2001 UHF contest writeup.

You are probably remembering the 2001 ARRL 10GHz and Up Contest writeup.
In that writeup, Dan relates how he and an HF contester he knows both lament
that they are not as familiar with microwaves as they wish that they were.
The point he was trying to make in the article is that microwave operating 
isn't really very much like HF operating, and that those who pursue it 
must learn new techniques and accept new challenges.  My guess is that Dan
was hoping that some HF contesters or operators might read it and think
to themselves, "hey, that sounds like something new and different - maybe 
I should try it next year."

That article also had three photographs of contest activity.  It has been
a LONG time since the ARRL Sweepstakes writeups had more than one photo
of contest activity, if that.

> A little more coverage "By and for" might get the reality across!

So, is it your contention that those who contest on HF are not or cannot be
interested in VHF+ contesting as well?  

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