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Come on guys, get your ducks in a row


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>I am the son of the imprisoned Sierra leone rebel and opposition leader, Mr Fodee Sankoh. 

>I crave your indulgence as I contact you in such a surprising manner, but I respectfully insist that you read this letter carefully , as I am optimistic that it would open doors for unimaginable financial reward for both of us. 

>This business transaction might not fall within the wide spectrum of your business activities, I plead your assistance as your flair for profitability is highly needed. 

>Prior to my fathers arrest during the civil war in my country, my father and his forces controlled the DIAMOND RICH area of my country and this enabled them the opportunity to derive huge amount of diamond which they partly used for financing their cause. 

>From one such transactions, my father realised $22.500.000 (twenty two million -five hundred thousand dollars) which he deposited with a trust house here in on my name as VALUABLES belonging to his foreign business associate 


>At the moment I am seeking political assylum here in AMSTERDAM and having contacted some family members, I was advised to solicit for any humble individual who can take custody of this funds and to do business with it on behalf of my dad. 

>Based on my recomendations,the funds would be released to you by the trust company that is helping to keep it.This as far as I know is a risk free transaction if you play your role fairly. 

>To show my preparedness and appreciation to conduct this business with you, I shall give you 15% of the funds and we shall negotiate commission on any profit realised in the process of investing this funds. 

>Please, I need your entire support and cooperation for the success of this business ventures and your ultmost confidentiality and secrecy is highly required, due to my family present predicament. 

>I sincerely will appreciate your acknowledgement as soon as possible. 


>Yours truly, 







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