[VHFcontesting] Sprint_Logs

Bill Seabreeze w3iy at fcc.net
Sat Oct 19 00:25:44 EDT 2002

Hey guys,
Please dont forget to send in your sprint logs.
It's the least we can do for these awesome SVHFS
guys who were willing to coordinate these mini-contests.
They're due 4 weeks after the particular sprint.

Here's where to send 'em;
50MHz Sprint logs to: Ray Rector WA4NJP, 3493 Holly Springs Rd, Gillsville,
GA 30534 wa4njp at aol.com
144MHz Sprint logs to: Ottmar Fiebel W4WSR , 248 Summit Dr, PO Box 957,
Hayesville, NC 28904 ottf at webworkz.com
222MHz Sprint logs to: Bob Lear K4SZ, PO Box 1269, Dahlonega, GA 30533
k4sz at arrl.net
432MHz Spring logs to: Jim Worsham W4KXY, 1915 Oak Wind Lane, Buford, GA
30519-6766 w4kxy at bellsouth.net
Microwave Sprint logs to: Greg Robinson KB4NVD, 208 Dogwood Acres Rd,
Hampton, TN 37658-3348 Rover at wireco.net

Many tnx to these guys for their efforts.

The 6m sprint is tomorrow, Sat.  MAKE SOME NOISE! (www.svhfs.org for

On another note, somebody should try to work W4FSO on some bands.
Alex tried hard during the microwave sprint, and worked NOBODY
on 903/1296!
If you are within range of him, please give him a shot at some QSOs.
He is in FM14, and we don't want to loose him due to lack of activity.
I'm sure he is not alone in feeling abandoned.
He is at w4fso at aol.com

Bill W3IY

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