[VHFcontesting] Tower section refurbishment questions

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I would definitely find a metal working shop that has sand blasting
capability or a regular sand blasting company. Well worth the expense if you
plan to make your paint job last a long time. A whole lot easier to write a
check for a professional job verses all the time you will put in wearing out
yourself and brushing wheels. And, you'll never get those brushing wheels
down into the bracing weld areas.
However, be ready to start painting your tower immediately after the
blasting.....surface rust will start immediately due to the excellent job
the sand blasting will do. Rustoleum is good....even better if you use a
coat of Rustoleum "Fish Oil" primer sprayed on first.
I've tried refurbing many tower sections by hand over the years and I will
never do it again as long as there are sand blasting services available and
the tower is disassembled.


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A friend of mine at work has given me 2 sections (1 straight & 1 top) of
what looks like Rohn25 tower for FREE (the magic word) and was hoping to
refurbish it for my own uses as it is about 15 - 20yrs. old and well crusted
with paint.

I was thinking of useing a 4" grinder with a brush wheel to clean off the
old paint and then repaint with Rustoleum type paint over the winter.

I this the best way or is there any other suggestions?

Was hoping to use the tower sections with either a drive-on tilt-over base
or fabricating a hoisting system on a small trailer for
rover/mountaintopping use as well as as home use ALL SITUATIONS TO BE GUYED!
! !

Never done any tower refurbishing before so this is new project (YEH!)

Jacob Tennant  K8JWT

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