[VHFcontesting] Re: Limited Multi Class

Russ Pillsbury k2txb at dxcc.com
Mon Sep 2 20:02:31 EDT 2002

Tom, I never saw the original message but I do have a comment on it.

He said:

> < 4.  Either limit the number of bands allowed in the June contest to
> < those below 1296, or make distinct classes for that.  The September
> < contest could still be an all band affair.  January is already
> < limited by crappy propagation and weather, which limits hilltop
> < operations.  The reasoning is that it is just too much to expect an
> < individual or small group to set-up and operate on all the bands when
> < most of the attention will be on 6 meters.  Sure, everyone can come
> < up with exceptions to that, but you shouldn't build contest rules
> < around that.

One of the worst things that has happened to the VHF contests recently is
the limited multi-op category.  Stations that used to be on 1296 are no
longer there.  They think their chances of winning are better with the
limited category.  And they are right.  But I, for one, could care less who
wins the limited category - I don't even bother to look at their scores.
Why is it that it is so important for these people to win that they are
willing to stop doing something that is fun; work the contest to see what
they can accomplish?

I can tell you that it is very frustrating to work one mountain top station
after another and keep hearing "Sorry we aren't on 1296 (or 10 Ghz, or
whatever) anymore. We are limited multi now."

We used to encourage microwave activity, now we discourage it!  BAH!

73, Russ K2TXB

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