[VHFcontesting] Re: Limited Multi Class

Duane Grotophorst n9dg at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 2 17:07:04 EDT 2002

cvgreene at pop.snet.net writes: 

 < 3.  The value of each grid square multiplier is
based on the distance of the center of that grid to
the center of your grid.  To make things easy, your
own grid would count as one. The next grid over  would
as two.  Two grids over would count as three.   And so
on. .....

--- KA0TP at aol.com wrote:
Way too complicated. As it stands, the longer the
contacts, the more grids  you ARE reaching. So, more
MULTIPLIERS!  So it already built in the system for
higher scores with longer contacts.. Or are you going
to work longer contacts and ignore the closer ones at
the same time?

This is not totally true, with the grid multiplier
incentive alone there is little reason to try hard to
work that second, third, fourth, etc Q in that same
grid which is out there a long way. If each Q 450
miles away on 2M counted for more than a several close
in Q's there would be more incentive to try and work
those low power portables in the distant grid instead
of just the one big multi-op who just happens to be in
that same grid.

With computer post contest log processing the
complexity issue is largely irrelevant. At worst you
won't be able to quickly calculate your own score
without a computer, but it wouldn't actually change
your ability to make Q’s and build a good score

But it would only be practical to use a distance
formula if there is a switch to 6 digit grid exchange.
The 1X2 4 digit grid is way too coarse and would
unfairly penalize semi close Q’s who are in the
opposite corner of your own grid. 


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