[VHFcontesting] VHFcontesting, Get A Grip!

Tim Marek timm at cccomm.net
Wed Sep 4 15:08:51 EDT 2002

I have stayed on the sidelines on this topic, untill now,
as my work schedule has kept me too busy to give
the time needed to read and digest the many Many
MANY Emails generated to date.

It is curious how a question on LP or HP Multi-Limited
turned into this "lets change everything" crusade and while
we're at it, let's rehash "how the ROVER's got screwed".

Folks, Rule changes are the last thing we need to do.

As far as overall participation shrinking, What we are
seeing is a symptom of society at large, nothing more.

People have lives outside radio that make more and more
demands on their time every year. A economy thats all over
the spectrum from hot to cold, Layoffs, Downsizing, etc.

Then there are the many other distractions like the Web,
The Web on DSL :-) , a Wife, Kids, a house that needs work,
Family, Friends, a demanding job, etc...

Life seems much more hectic these days forceing us to pick
and choose how to utilize our ever shrinking "Free Time".

That being said, There are a few things being discussed that
just need to let fade away.... Like VHF Contest Rule Changes.

I for one and damn tired of this group or that group pissed
off they cant win cause someone else had a better location,
or a more organized club effort, more bands, more power,
more operators, and try ro get the rules changed to favor them
rather than suck it, work on improving their station and skills,
and realize the life isnt fair, someone else will always have a
edge. Analyze your efforts to date for areas to improve and do
so, and quit worrying about the other guy.

I know the chances of my 4 band effort here in NV have a very very
very very slim chance of ever winning the US title but I still give
it everything I got year after year. Why? Because it's FUN! I do
focus on improving the station, my skills, the location used,
strategy, etc, rather than look for ways to change the contest to my

If anyone should want distance scoring it should be someone like me where
the next active station N, NE, E, SE, or S is typically 200 -300 miles away!
Do I want it, HELL NO! Why make something so difficult to score it drives
everyone away? Damn silly to me.

Do I want even "more fractured categories", HELL NO! Why cater to these guys
who wont try a new approach like moutaintop-portable instead of staying at
in the noise infested valleys.

I could go on for days but I have spent much to much time here this morning
as it is.

Offer enticements like FREE, Yes, FREE T-Shirts and Mugs to the top 100
but Leave the rules alone!

Gotta Run!

73s de Tim - K7XC(/R) - DM09ol... sk


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