[VHFcontesting] Looking for new xcvr

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 6 23:02:50 EDT 2002

My first suggestion would be to get a Yaesu FT736R. 
Had one of these for awhile, and it plays really nice
as a contest rig.  My friend Don, NL7CO, pointed out
that the ergonomics are not the best, but they are not
bad either.  It is a pretty easy rig to operate, and
they can be picked up at reasonable prices.  The best
thing about it is the modules that will allow you to
get on 222 and 1296 with it.  The only other plug and
play 222 rig is the Icom 375A, and prices for them are
through the roof.

Another possbility would be to get a Kenwood TS850,
and go with transverters.  You can get these for much
less than the FT1000MP, and many VHFers swear by them
for transverter IF.  I know that Bob, K2DRH uses this
at his setup, and he has finished first nationwide in
the last few VHF contests for the low power category. 
No small feat when you consider that he is located in
Illinois.  The 850 also has a voice recorder option,
which is great for calling CQ Contest.

I used to own a TS2000, which is a great rig for weak
signal work.  The DSP works very well on the VHF and
UHF bands, and it has enough power to run barefoot.  I
sold it for monetary reasons, not because I didn't
like it.  I loved it, and will own another one some
day, the good Lord willing.  I also used to own an
Icom 746, and it also works very well on 6 and 2.

Stay away from the FT847, it is a piece of crap,
especially for contesting.  I currently own a FT100D,
and we will see how it does next weekend.  It did
pretty good in the IARU contest on HF.

73s John NE0P
--- "Bradford J. Williams - N8GLS" <n8gls at arrl.net>
> I'm befuddled on what to do for a new VHF (and/or
> VHF/UHF) rig.
> I have a Kenwood TS-711A that is vintage 1985.  It
> is beginning to have more
> frequent problems and I need to get something in the
> works before contest
> time just in case.
> I just don't see anything that shines out there in
> the way of spec's.  I've
> damn near looked at everything.  I was close to
> buying an Icom IC910 but
> after a few conversations with other UHF/VHF'rs it
> seems to be a poor weak
> signal rig, and really bad with strong adjacent
> signals.....not a good thing
> for my locale.  The bands it covers would be a good
> choice for my situation
> since anything above 2M would be a "bonus", meaning
> that I don't run
> anything above 2M now, especially since the tower is
> a long long way from
> the shack, but it would always be an option, as
> opposed to buying an
> all-band wonder and having another bunch of HF bands
> that I already have a
> rig for.
> I suppose some options are:
> (1) Buy an all-band wonder - Icom 746Pro, or,
> Kenwood TS2000.  You guys/gals
> using these, are they good, bad for weak signal ???
> (2) Buy a VHF/UHF only....Anyone have an IC910 and
> like it, or do you just
> tolerate it.  I don't do sats so if that's what its
> good for, its a no-buy
> for me.
> (3) Buy an HF only rig (another FT1000MP) and add a
> transverter.
> (4) Homebrew a rig (thanks Zack).  I would have
> trouble here since I already
> have twenty pairs of glasses, ten of which I need to
> complete this e-mail.
> (4) Quit whining and send the TS711 into Kenwood for
> an overhaul.
> The all-band wonders seem to be just an adequate rig
> on all bands, not a
> great rig on any band.
> Comments appreciated !!
> 73 de N8GLS, Brad
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