[VHFcontesting] Looking for new xcvr

Tim Coad timcoad at excite.com
Sat Sep 7 12:47:13 EDT 2002

I took my IC756pro to the top of the hill in June and was very impressed with its ability to handle close loud signals. I imagine the  746pro would probably be about the same.

Tim - NU6S

 --- On Sat 09/07, Kenneth E. Harker  wrote:
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> On Fri, Sep 06, 2002 at 10:02:50PM -0700, John Geiger wrote:
> > My first suggestion would be to get a Yaesu FT736R. 
> > Had one of these for awhile, and it plays really nice
> > as a contest rig.  My friend Don, NL7CO, pointed out
> > that the ergonomics are not the best, but they are not
> > bad either.  It is a pretty easy rig to operate, and
> > they can be picked up at reasonable prices.  The best
> > thing about it is the modules that will allow you to
> > get on 222 and 1296 with it.  The only other plug and
> > play 222 rig is the Icom 375A, and prices for them are
> > through the roof.
> I've used both the Yaesu FT-726R and the Yaesu FT-736R.
> The 736R, despite being the newer rig and thereby probably
> more reliable, is unfortunately not a very good receiver.
> The 726R has a much better receiver, and can be found for 
> much less on the used market.
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