[VHFcontesting] N2LBT/VE2/R plans for September VHF

Dennis Hudson, N2LBT n2lbt at n2lbt.com
Wed Sep 11 14:27:56 EDT 2002

N2LBT(+N2OJY) Rover will be active on 50-5760mhz from the following grids

(time in UTC)
1800-2030 FN45kk
2300-0200 FN46eb
1400-1630 FN36hd
1800-2000 FN35ha
2200-0000 FN34fx

We should be operating the following power/ant

50    whip      100w
144   Log       100w
222   Log       100w
432   Log       100w
903   4ft Dish  100w
1296  4ft Dish  10w
2304  4ft Dish  10w
3456  4ft Dish  10w
5760  4ft Dish  10w

Please look for us on the low bands and we will try to work you up.

Dennis Hudson, N2LBT

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