[VHFcontesting] n2jmh/r schedule June 2003

Jim Howard n2jmh at arrl.net
Sun Jun 8 09:50:29 EDT 2003

 Here it is, the final blast for the n2jmh psycho rover. After spending
years to improve the Blue Whale she will be making her final voyage as a
rover. Plans are to dismantle her and move on to single op from the home QTH
of FN13af. So here we a go go!

All times UTC
1800-2000 fn01wa
2030-2300 fn00xw
2300-0100 fn10aw
0330-0600 fn11dv
0600-1100 fn11dv WSJT anyone?
1300-1600 fn12df
1800-2030 fn02wv
2100-0000 fn03wc
0000-0300 fn13ac

 As usual we will be operating while mobile, 6-10gig fully rotatable in
motion. We are also running Beacon Net/CU2QSO full time on a separate rig
with 60 watts. We also will monitor 144.260 full time with a separate loop
and rig.

Station breakdown
903mhz-50watts-26ele looper
1296-50watts-35ele looper
2304-15watts-52ele looper
3456-40watts-76ele looper
5760-10watts-24" dish
10368-2watts-24" dish mast mounted

 I will take a limited amount of skeds any band/mode from single-op or rover
stations. Multiop skeds only for wsjt/jt44 from 0600-1100 Zulu Saturday
night. SSB/CW in 15 minute increments and wsjt/jt44 in 30 minute increments
using standard 30 sec sequencing. In case of no requests for WSJT I will be
calling/monitoring on the standard call frequencies.
 For skeds, don't forget that I am a rover and at some point will fall
behind schedule so please be careful of the "edge" times for a particular

 As an added incentive for my final outing I will be offering a fabulous
prize (cheesy certificate made by me and a salt covered rusted remnant from
January contests past) to each ARRL operating class that works me the most
times during the contest. "Worked the Whale Most" or "Gang Banged Team
Psycho Rover Most"

73, Jim n2jmh/r

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