[VHFcontesting] W3IY/R

Bill Seabreeze w3iy at fcc.net
Sun Jun 8 10:33:21 EDT 2003

Here's what we are shooting for next weekend:

FM15vx 1800-1900Z 
FM25ev 2000-2100 
FM26ai 2200-2300 
FM16wx 0030-0200 
FM17xa 0215-0345 
FM27ac 0400-0500 
   <<<<< drive >>>>>
~~~~ zzzzzzzzzzzz ~~~~
   <<<<< drive >>>>> 
FM28be 0930-1100 
FM18xx 1230-1330 
FM29aa 1345-1515 
FM19ha 1730-1830 
FM18hx 1900-1930 
FM09ub 2100-2130 
FM08us 2230-0400

Lots of driving, which makes it hard to stay in one place for long.  If 
conditions are enhanced or degraded, we may alter the schedule to
keep things interesting.  All bands are cooking, 6m thru 47GHz.
Lower 4 bands operational in-flight.  We will try to hang-out on
50.187, 144.247, 222.127. 432.127, as much as possible. 2m
will be the easiest place to find us.  Have a fun and productive
contest!  Listen for the weak ones...

The East Coast Grid Grinders

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