[VHFcontesting] Good VHF/UHF rigs

Eric Lowell elowell at maine.rr.com
Fri Jun 27 21:01:42 EDT 2003

I have not had a chance to form a real opinion on my TS2000 yet. Conditions
were stinko here during the last 'test.

However, I have measured the minimum discernable signal. My IFR only goes as
low as -130 dBm (~0.07 uV) and at that level the 432 rx hears it fine. 144
seems a little less, but I sent myself some CW and could still hear it. 50
mHz was not tested in this instance.

The band noise is much lower than I had gotten used to with my Hamtronics
xverter with ARR gasfet in front of the HF rig.

Haven't played with the HF portion too much, but I do have a 222 xverter on
it. When you enable the xverter freq readout in the TS2K menu, it
automatically reduces the HF power out to 5 watts.

Overall, I've had the radio for a month or so and I am pleased with it. I'd
prefer 100 watts on 432.

Hope this rambling helps some.

Best regards from Maine, Eric (W1EL)
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> Can anyone comment on how good the TS-2000X is for VHF/UHF contesting?
> How would you compare it to the FT-847?  How about a good HF rig and
> a bunch of transverters and amplifiers.  Clearly, the TS-2000X is the most
> convenient and gets you on the most bands and is cheaper than a good HF
> with a bunch of transverters and amplifiers, but is the receiver good
> on VHF/UHF?
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