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Bernhard E. Keiser keiser at ieee.org
Sun Nov 2 11:17:37 EST 2003

FB, Bill.  You and I also did 432 and 1296.
Bernie, W4SW

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> Yo,
> We had a fun time out in the Tuscorora mountain site at FM19aw.
> This site is nice and flat at the top, but there are 60ft trees all
> about 100 yds away, in all directions.  There are just a few holes to
> the east and west.  We seemed to do really well on 2m, but on 903 &
> above, signals were less than expected.  Tree-attenuators, no doubt.
> We were able to QSO:
> K2SMN    2m,903
> K2TXB    2m,10G (peaked S5, rapid QSB)
> W2KV     2m,10G (peaked S1)
> K1RZ       2m,10G (solid S5 SSB!)
> W4SW      2m, 222
> KB8VAO  2m, 432 (loud from EN91!)
> N3FZ        2m, 432
> VA3YW (EN93!) 2m
> WS3C       2m, 432
> I'm sure there were others, but I wasn't logging in the darkness, and the
> mind
> is the 2nd thing to go...
> We also copied the W3HMS 10GHz beacon S3 from here...cool!
> We noticed all the W3VD beacons have all disappeared...anybody know
> what happenned?
> We met a couple of deer hunters up there, who said they saw a large
> buck eyeballing the van, as they approached.  I guess he was offended by
> our antlers.  The hunters were amazed to hear our tall tales of ham radio,
> and bouncing signals off the recent auroras.  Some locals said there were
> lots of bears out in the area as well.  Nice site, but I prefer a better
> uwave
> horizon, when available.
> Tnx to all who got on the airwaves.  It's always exciting to me to work
> anybody on the high bands!
> 73,
> Bill W3IY/R
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