[VHFcontesting] 6 Meter Sprint was fun indeed

Bill Burgess braillist at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 27 16:34:00 EST 2003


Having my 6 meter beam down for repairs, I used a copper wire dipole on 10 feet of pipe and headed to my FN04 rovering site @ 1100 fasl.  I worked in order, W3SO FN12, N2PA FN12, N2WVK FN13, K0VUY EM48, N5DZQ EM36, W0VD EM27, N1GUP FN54, N9TZ EM59, KC0MQR EM38 along with locals VE3ANR and VA3TSG in FN03.  Heard lots more including Colorado but could not reel him in. 756 ProII btw, barefoot.  Did I miss anybody?   Only other Canadian heard was Dana VE3DSS also in FN03.  Yes, it was lots of fun indeed.

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