[VHFcontesting] Wow! What a sprint! (John Geiger)

jon jones n0jk at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 26 19:03:42 EST 2003


Excellent Es conditions for the 6M Sprint and congrats on your contacts. One 
of the best October Es openings I can recall ever. Wonder if the recent high 
solar activity is the cause?

Here in Kansas I got on the radio during the last hour of the Sprint and 
worked Colorado. Louisiana, Michigan, Ontario and Texas with 10 watts and a 
dipole from home. Heard K0GU and K0YW running stations like the HF 
Sweepstakes contest. K0YW hit 60 over S9! K0GU made over 200 QSOs, and 
VE3CDP/W9 worked two LUs.  What a nice "pre-Halloween" treat.

- Jon N0JK em17 KS

>I wasn't expecting much for the 6 meter sprint-just
>figured that I would make a couple of local contacts.
>Boy was I wrong.  I saw K0YW spotted a few times, so
>figured I would turn on the 6 meter rig.  heard him
>on, but not very strong.  Right after that AA7J in
>DN30 came pounding in here on .125.  A little while
>later I heard VE3CDP/W9 in EM58, so I swung the mini
>quad east.  Suddenly the band just burst open with
>signals from .125 up past .200.  Maine and Vermont
>called me!  I worked a total of 34 QSOs and 25
>grids-mainly trying to find RI for state number 50.
>Did work ME, NH, and VT in 1 land, and heard CT but
>didn't work them.
>Did get EN42 for a new grid, and FN10 for a grid I
>still need confirmed.  Hope everyone else had as much
>fun as I did.  You have to love those surprise
>openings on 6!
>73s John NE0P  EM04to

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