[VHFcontesting] Who has had both IC-910H's and TS-790A's?

Todd Sprinkmann sprinkies at excel.net
Sat Dec 11 11:47:23 EST 2004

  Happy Holidays to everyone,

  I would like to hear the opinions and experience of anyone who has had both IC-910H's and TS-790A's.  I already have an IC-910H but am considering a TS-790A as well.  I would keep the 910 in any case, but have always been intrigued by the 790.  My interest in V/UHF is grid chasing and contesting.  Sats/ATV/repeaters aren't of interest at this time.  

  I do realize the stock 910 puts out more RF than the 790 does, but I may be heading toward amps for 144 and 432 anyway.  I guess I want to know how the sensitivity/audio/features of each rig stack up when compared directly.

  Please reply direct.

  Todd  KC9BQA  EN63ao

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