[VHFcontesting] Re: VHFcontesting Digest, Vol 24, Issue 4

Ward Silver hwardsil at centurytel.net
Sun Dec 12 12:52:31 EST 2004

> 12 used male N connectors with new, replacement center pins but the rubber
> gaskets
> need replacing, otherwise in excellent conditions. They look like UG-21B/U
> or the
> UG-21B/9913 on The RF Connection web page.

By the way - you can buy new pins and gaskets from most of the connector
vendors such as The RF Connection and others.  Just be sure to have the
right model number of the connector and ask - they're usually not shown in
the catalog, but may be at the bottom of an obscure part of a Web site.
Much cheaper than buying whole new connectors and somewhat more satisfying
to a cheapskate like me who wouldn't throw anything away except at gunpoint.
(And I'd probably save the spent casing for a coil form or knob...)

73, Ward N0AX

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